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Nederlandse blogger


Travelling the globe since age 3.

Degree in tourism in 2003.

Worked as an international flight attendant for 8 years.

Photographing since 2006.

Creating travel content for clients since 2019. 

Hi, my name is Marga!

I’m just a travelling girl with a camera, a notebook, and a serious passion for creativity.

I’m a content writer for travel, outdoor, hospitality and sustainability-focused brands. Like you, I love to inspire an audience with informative texts about their next travel destination. Having lived in 5 countries and travelled to 65+, I often speak from experience. That’s why I combined my skills in writing with my love of travel and nature – to help people like you grow their businesses and impact. In my 4+ years as a content copywriter, I’ve helped photographers, travel companies, hotels, restaurants, and outdoor companies with words that make an impact.

Nederlandstalige reisverslaggever

My career so far

My first career after studying tourism was in the airline industry. I was a flight attendant for companies like Martinair, TUI, and Virgin Atlantic. I picked up my first camera to create images of our beautiful planet during this time. In 2018 I started writing about my trips, and since then, I’ve worked with several travel companies to create content for their websites.

I’m bilingual in Dutch and English and always write with the goal in mind. Whether it’s to inspire followers, share information, gain bookings, etcetera, I’ll write it! I’m a storyteller on a mission! Check out some examples to get an idea about my writing styles.

I am fortunate to have travelled so much, which means I can write about many destinations first-hand. It feels incredible to discover lesser-known places, and I love adventures in all corners of the world. I have experience with SEO-driven content, keyword research and link building.

Based in Lisbon, I also work as a photographer. I help businesses with content, and I offer portrait sessions on location. I love nature; my favourite habitats are beaches, mountains, and jungles! I love the animals and the beauty of our planet. But my favourite spot? It is to be at home with my best pal, my 13-year-old cat, Savage.

Travel Photographer

Some fun facts

I’m curious about different cultures, love street art, exploring abandoned buildings, and finding adventures close to home and abroad. I’m addicted to the sea, prefer warm climates over cold ones, and have a slight addiction to cheese.





Praia da Ursa Sintra

Discover Portugal

When I first went to Portugal in 2019, I knew I wanted to move. Having fallen in love with the country, I started my own website and blog to inspire travellers. Want to know more? Check out the Discover Portugal website and fall in love, just like I did.

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